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Wimbleball RC Membership

If you have been inspired by the OLYMPIC SUCCESS of the TEAM GB rowers and fancy having a go at the sport yourself - then why not join us for a free ROWING TASTER SESSION  with qualified WRC coaches at Wimbleball Lake. See 'home' or 'about' for details of next sessions. For directions click here. IF you intend to come to introductory sessions please let Steve or Andrea know by email or else by phone (see contacts page), to help us gauge numbers attending. NOTE between 15 Nov - 15 Dec, please contact Chris Pine instead.

If after some introductory sessions you would like to join the club – please download and complete a Membership form here as (word.doc)

Reduced pro-rata rates will apply if joining some way through the May-Apr membership year; family discounts available if more than one member of family is joins.


£80 / year


£40 / year  (£20 / year Vacations only)

(Any person in education, further or higher, and not in full time employment, on the production of a student ID card)


£40 / year  (Under 18)